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Your business needs an InfoGizmo entry, and you probably do not need a web page. InfoGizmo entries have complete information about your business and products. (Or at least extensive information.) InfoGizmo entries get better Google rankings than most web sites. InfoGizmo is carefully crafted to be very Google friendly. Your contact information is prominent, so customers will call or visit you after seeing your entry in Google or the other search engines.

The web page we generate for you is highly optimized to get the best possible search engine ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Altavista, and others. Infogimo has no repeating fees or hidden costs. Your InfoGizmo entry is permanent for the one time fee. We will occasionally offer to update your entry for an additional fee, but there's no pressure. It costs only pennies a month to keep your entry, so we think hosting and subscription fees are unjustified. (Which begs the question: Why does Yahoo charge $299 per year?) We're constantly adding technology to raise the ranking of all InfoGizmo entries.

You can have both InfoGizmo and a web site. Keep in mind that web sites are expensive to create. You'll have to pay to host your site, and cope with domain name registration. Unless your webmaster is experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your expensive web site won't have a good search engine ranking. For many businesses, the ROI on a web site is hard to justify.

A web site can be a serious expense for a small business. A good web site costs $1000 to $2000 to create. Then you'll spend at least around $100 per year for web site hosting. Hosting charges often include the domain name registration. Once you have a site, you still need to promote it or people won't be able to find the site. Without promotion you'll only have a tiny trickle of visitors. In other words, if you don't spend additional money to promote the site, then the money you spent building the site will be wasted. Your site has to be on the first few pages of Google. That costs money, and web site ranking is something most webmasters can't handle. An InfoGizmo entry can easily get more traffic and translate into greater sales than a full blown web site.

You have to update the site regularly and experienced webmasters charge a minimum of $35/hour. A stale, out of date web site is bad. InfoGizmo charges a small flat fee to update your InfoGizmo entry, but there is no pressure to update, and we'll never remove your entry (unless you want it removed.)

The World Wide Web is an integral part of our lives. It has gotten to the point where people search the Web instead of using the phone book. You need to be in Google. Incidently, Google currently has about 60% of the search market.

InfoGizmo is your web presence. It's a great value. We're also constantly adding new features. Some of these features we will automatically give all customers for free. Some features will cost extra, but we won't pressure you to buy additional features. For example, we plan to add your business logo graphics and decorations, which we may offer for another one-time fee. Photos are currently offered for a small additional, one time, fee.

To get started, we need some information about you and your business. Your InfoGizmo entry is Google-friendly in part because it contains complete information about your business. Call Tom or use the contact form to discuss your entry.

  • Business name
  • Your name and the names of your staff.
  • Up to 3 phone numbers
  • Hours of operation
  • Email address
  • Street address and mailing address.
  • List of keywords. This is a list of words you think people will use when they are trying to find your business or your products. This list should include words and phrases, and even common misspellings. List products you carry.
  • A brief (25 word) one sentence description. Use as many of your important keywords as possible in this sentence while still maintaining correct grammer. I can help you write this important sentence. Google uses this description sentence when displaying search results.
  • Long detailed descriptions of your products and services. This should be as complete as you can make it. To be as Google-friendly as possible this text should contain a very high percentage of nouns. These nouns are the keywords you think people use when searching for your business. Ideally, every keyword from your keyword list should be used in a sentence in this long description.
  • Written driving directions to your business. This is especially important if the various mapping programs do not give clear directions. Search for your address in Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, and Bing.
  • Find your business on Google Maps. Due to how Google maps handles pushpins, it is easiest to just manually zoom in until you find your location. Right click at your parking lot or driveway, and choose "Directions from here". This gets Google to add the "A" green push pin on the map. You can drag this green pushpin to get the location just right. In the upper right of the map, lick the "Link" link. Copy the hightlighted text, and save it. You can email it to yourself, or open a new window, paste the map link URL in, and bookmark that page. That link will be part of your InfoGizmo entry.
  • Ideally, you would also include GPS coordinates in the long description above.

For more information call Tom at 434-971-1839 or use the contact form: Contact InfoGizmo


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