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Boris Starosta's SV Gallery offers stereoscopic portraits as anaglyph prints, StereoJet prints, vintage Holmes-style stereocards, and R-format and 2x2x2 stereo slides. Also available are original polaroids (up to 8x10), as well as original stereoscopic medium format (6x6cm) and 135 format (35mm) transparencies.


300 West Main St.
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Charlottesville, VA  22903    US
Boris Starosta is well known in the stereo photography community, with numerous awards in international competions, including 'Stereo Image of the Year 2000', 'Stereo Image of the Year 2001', and 'Stereo Print Image of the Year' in 2002 in the Photographic Society of America. In 2001, Boris won first and second place in the stereoview competition at the annual convention of the National Stereoscopic Association in Buffalo, and first place in the 2001 annual competition of the Stereoscopic Society of America.

EBay Auctions

On eBay, I sell fine art images in a variety of categories and in several image formats. I make stereoscopic images as anaglyph prints, StereoJet prints, vintage Holmes-style stereocards, and R-format and 2x2x2 stereo slides that are first generation dupes. I also occasionally sell original polaroids from my sessions (up to 8x10), as well as original stereoscopic medium format (6x6cm) and 135 format (35mm) transparencies.

Currently, my auctions appear irregularly, as my time permits. Because eBay does not permit me to solicit email addresses from potential or even actual buyers of my art through its auction listings, please email me privately (, and give me express permission to inform you of upcoming auctions, debutante 2x2x2 slide set sales, or to inquire about my subscription service and CD-ROM product.

Anaglyph Prints

Anaglyph prints are viewed with red/blue 3d glasses. They are made using lightfast inkjet technology. My artistic approach to anaglyphs is to make a print that appears beautiful both viewed with and without the use of the 3d glasses. I call these prints "dual mode."

Where some images are destined - indeed designed for the anaglyph format, others view much better in a stereo pair format. Some of my images utilize the stereo pair format creatively, and are thus not available as anaglyphs. Still other images may combine anaglyph and stereo pair viewing modes.

Holmes Format Stereoviews

Stereo pair images are sold primarily in the vintage Holmes card format: two images mounted side by side on a seven inch wide card. I make my stereocards in two grades:

Evaluation grade cards (E-cards) are printed at 360 ppi on EPSON heavyweight matt paper stock using Epson's lightfast inkjet process. The images are rated lightfast for 26 years. This is a very sharp process. Typically sold in sets of two or three images, you can receive the images cut into cards to fit a Holmes stereoscope, or you can receive the images uncut on an 8.5x11 inch sheet, signed, suitable for framing.

Exhibition grade cards (X-cards) are made by hand using archival materials. The left and right prints are individually mounted on museum board using acid free adhesive. Each card is titled and signed on the reverse by my hand. These cards are identical to ones I send to international exhibitions.

Holmes stereocards are beautiful to behold, easy to collect, and make wonderful gifts. If you do not have a viewer for stereo cards (a stereoscope or lorgnette), please contact me. I can help you obtain the necessary viewers.

Stereo Slides

The most affordable image format is the stereo pair slide. These I sell singly, in small sets of two, three, or four; and sometimes in sets of ten images. They are sold in Realist format (R-format) or as pairs of 2x2 size slides (2x2x2 format). Again, a special viewer is required to enjoy these, and I can help you get the appropriate viewer.

CD-ROM image catalog

I have published a CD-ROM with over 400 stereoscopic nude images (my own and those of Larry Ferguson) presented in anaglyph and/or stereo pair formats. Also on the CD is a 15 minute quicktime video documenting a natural location and studio photo session. Please click the link below for more information.

Regular "Flat" Prints

It almost goes without saying, but it doesn't hurt to repeat this: my stereoscopic pictures are made from two separate regular two dimensional source pictures. If you like an image at auction that is stereoscopic, but would prefer a flat print, please let me know.

Web Resources

Portfolio Site:
My 3d Nudes:
My 3d Nude CD-ROM

About the Art

For visitors/bidders unfamiliar with my stereoscopic art, please visit my portfolio site: the 3d Showcase. The site includes an introduction to the stereoscopic arts, how 3d pictures are made, and four separate galleries of award winning images, displayed in stereo pair and anaglyph format.

My 3d images are recognized by stereo collectors the world over, and have won numerous awards in international exhibitions, including the highest awards for a stereoscopic image - the Photographic Society of America's Stereo Image of the Year - in the years 2000 and 2001, and the Stereo Print Image of the Year - in the year 2002.

My work concentrates on creative stereoscopic images, computer generated images, and people pictures: portraits, action, sports, candid, and nudes/eros.

About the Nudes

eBay's policy regarding nude images is very conservative. Following the policy faithfully, some of the most well known and classic nudes are prohibited from the general categories, even general categories like "4928 - artistic nudes" (for example: Michaelangelo's David)! I know because I have been censured by eBay for trying to auction perfectly fine, non-provocative artistic nudes in these categories.

Because of this (and because I do nevertheless love eBay), I have adopted a very cautious approach to auctioning my nudes. This means some of my most beautiful images, that have been accepted in international exhibitions and shown publicly to general audiences, may not be at auction in the general categories on eBay. If you are interested in these images but do not care to enter into eBay's mature categories, please contact me.

About the Artist

I was born in (then West) Berlin in 1962. I came to the USA in 1970, settling in Washington D.C. for the high school years, and finally in Charlottesville, Virginia for College and Real Life.

B.A. Astronomy, B.A. Studio Art, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, in 1985. Technical illustrator since 1988: research and conceptual graphics for the scientific community, popular press, and corporate clients. 3d CG art since 1994, and stereoscopic illustration and 3d photography since 1997.

Aside art and family life, I love airships, bicycle road racing, astronomy, and spacey ambient electronic music. I also like the art of M.C. Escher, Frederick Edwin Church, Maxfield Parrish, Alexander Calder, Pal Imre, Jim Burns, Brian Lewis, Edward Weston, Hans Knuchel, Lynn Butler, Larry Ferguson, Stanislaw Lem, Ayn Rand, Edward Tufte, Brian Eno, Vangelis, Diblo Dibala, Frank Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Coleman Hawkins, Ligeti, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, and Santana!

Commercial Clients / Publications

P.E.I. magazine, Overdrive magazine, Scientific American magazine, New York Times, Stereo World magazine, American Prospect magazine, Federal Express, Volvo Trucks N.A., Navistar, Mack Trucks, DZS Software, Boxerjam, Cambridge University Press, Psychology Press Ltd, Llewellyn Worldwide, North Atlantic Books, Kendall Hunt Publishers, John Wiley & Sons, Virginia Film Festival, University of Virginia, Meta Research, among others.

Fine Art Collections / Galleries

EXPLORA Museum, Frankfurt

Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Juried International Stereoscopic Exhibitions

2002 Winner: Stereo Print Image of the year
2001 Winner: Stereo Image of the Year
2000 Winner: Stereo Image of the Year

1997 - 2001:

* 54 international juried stereoscopic Salons entered:
* 171 accepted images,
* 29 Honorable Mentions
* 11 awards (3rd place, bronze medal, or special category awards)
* 16 PSA Silver medals (2nd place, Best Contemporary, Best Creative awards)
* 5 PSA Gold medals (1st place, Best of Show awards)

Exhibitions (other than PSA)

* NSA Richmond, 8/1998
* Charlottesville Artspace, 12/1998
* Dreams Light Gallery (Charlottesville), 10/1999
* SPIE / SD+A (San Diego), 1/2000
* Gallery 805 (Mesa, AZ), 7/2000
* McCormick Observatory (Charlottesville), fall/2000
* CCAE - Jefferson Theatre (Charlottesville), 12/2000
* ALC Gallery (Charlottesville), 2/2001
* Ten Flavors Studio (Charlottesville), 11/2001
* Virginia Discovery Museum (Charlottesville), spring/2002

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