Natural Alphabet
The natural world holds many mysteries and surprises including an entire alphabet. It might be an emu's foot making a W or an E hidden within the branches of an old holly tree. Natural Alphabet combines those letters to create names, words and sayings.

Rougemont, NC      USA

I have had a life-long love of our natural world, from bringing home anything I found at the park as a child to starting a small farm as an adult. I have had an equally long love for expressing myself through drawings, paintings and photography.

I became more enthusiastic about photography as I started having children and wanted them to have a visual reminder of their everyday lives just as my shutter-happy Father had done for us. My children now roll their eyes every time I
get out my camera just as I did to my Father.

I decided to photograph letters after pointing them out to my youngest son while on walks around our farm. Most of those original photos are still a part of my collection. My plan was to photograph the whole alphabet and make a poster for his wall. After about 6 months of hunting, I had more than enough letters for that project (still not completed) and decided to share my finds with family and friends
that Christmas. The response was wonderful; friends and co-workers started asking me to fill special orders. Before I knew it, I had a website, was in some local stores, had opened a store on Etsy and Natural Alphabet was born.

Whether it is animals, trees, architecture, or old farm machinery, you will find a letter for everyone. The letters, words, or phrases make the perfect gift. Are you looking for a unique wedding present? A graduation gift? Something special for a niece or nephew? An unusual card to send to a friend? How about a birth announcement or a thank-you gift for a coach, teacher or mentor? Let me help you give the
perfect gift.

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