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InfoGizmo gives your business visibility on the Web, even if you don't have a web site.

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For businesses with an exisiting site, InfoGizmo is part of a web promotion plan. Our 27 item web promotion whitepaper is included with your InfoGizmo entry. InfoGizmo has the expertise to build your web presence using Keyword Rich Text. Customers searching with the major search engines will easily find your detailed Infogimo web page.

A business without a web page (or site) usually can't be found on the web. When something turns up, the information is often so jumbled that customers will contact another business first. Building an entire web site is expensive, and has recurring, monthly web hosting fees, as well as annual domain name registration fees. InfoGizmo is a single payment (currently only $300), one time, no repeating charges, no hidden fees.

For a business that already has a web site, InfoGizmo helps get a better search engine ranking. We also provide our exclusive Web Promotion white paper with detailed steps to follow for a comprehensive web marketing plan.

InfoGizmo is a carefully created site with detail about your products and services. InfoGizmo has been designed to give a business maximum exposure in the confusing Internet marketplace. Each entry has phone numbers, email addresses, and a link to the vendor's home page (if they have one). The details at InfoGizmo help visitors make informed contact/buying decisions - something usually not available from paper phone directories (and often not available from many web sites.)

Each InfoGizmo entry is a unique web page, and each of these web pages eventually gets indexed by Google, AltaVista and other major search engines. Since more than half of all searching takes place at Google, customers are more likely to find a business with an InfoGizmo entry.

InfoGizmo entries are comparable in price to a month or two in a traditional local yellow pages directory. There are no recurring fees (like domain name registration or hosting fees), and unlike a phone book, the business exposure is nationwide and international.

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