ElderCare Management of Durham
Growing old does not mean that you automatically lose your independence!

Managing the tasks of daily living may be challenging for you, or your elder relative. Skilled, professional, experienced help is needed to assess the situation and determine the best and most suitable options for each person.

Durham, NC      US

My name is Lisa S. Laudeman, RN, BSN. I am the sole proprietor of ElderCare Management of Durham. My mission is to provide the required skills, support, and experience in dealing with the challenges and issues of growing older.

I provide the knowledge needed to facilitate your goals for life's later years.

I support the aging so that they may better achieve family and personal goals for independent living.

I graduated with highest honors from North Carolina A&T State University's Nursing program in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

After graduation, I worked as a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse. This critical care nursing experience helped me develop a strong base of technical skills in my chosen career.

I began working in home health care in 1993. This was a perfect fit for me. I enjoy educating patients regarding their disease and disease management. It was very satisfying to watch a patient successfully manage their disease or return to independent living after an illness.

I saw that my patients were often discharged from home care services, but still needed support to remain independent in their home. Unfortunately, the services they needed were not "medically necessary" and not covered by insurance, even though they help patients manage their disease and decrease

Some of my elderly patients were forced into hospital settings simply because they could not manage their own care. Patients without family caregivers living nearby were usually destined for nursing homes or assisted-living facilities.

I saw only one practical solution to this situation. That is why I have created ElderCare Management of Durham: A unique and personal approach to eldercare management.

Let me assist you in locating local senior care resources. Utilize my expertise in managing the health care of your elder.

Care Plans ensure comprehensive care.

I will develop and implement an Individual Care Plan just for you. Drawing on my professional training, experience and knowledge, I will critically review your health care and living situation to create this written plan.
With each visit, I assess health and safety status, as well as social needs; and adjust your Care Plan accordingly.
I know what's available in the community; and I know how to compel those Community Resources to provide their services to help you meet your goals.

Individual Care Plans and care coordination helps all caregivers involved to provide better care, based on your specific needs. This includes medical professionals and responsible family members. Monthly, bimonthly, or weekly nursing assessment: Depending on your desires, and based on your Individual Care Plan, I will see you on a regular basis to determine changes in your needs.

Medical liaison services: I will assist you in understanding your physician's instructions and reports, your prescription drugs, and any other medical professional's services that might be hard to follow. We will assure that all of your medical helpers are fully aware of your condition to help in avoiding misunderstandings.

Medication management: I monitor prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs as well as dietary supplements to assure that your health care is well-coordinated.
Limited housekeeping services: I can provide, or help you find, limited housekeeping services for health and comfort purposes.

Coordination of Community Resources: I can help you take advantage of resources provided by various social and governmental agencies that may be very difficult for an individual to deal with.

Health awareness services: I will educate and advise on matters of signs and symptoms that you should know.
While ECMD's services are primarily designed to allow my clients to be independent in their own homes as long as possible, I can also monitor and report on how well your needs are being met by a Nursing Home or an Assisted Living Facility.

On-site assessment of Nursing Home or Assisted Living facilities: For those residing in facilities other than personal homes, it is essential that the services and conditions of these facilities are monitored by an outside professional. A personal visit and interview is essential to assure your well-being.

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